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Below is a list of account names terminated for violations of our Terms of Service. Each account includes the time/date they were removed and the reason for their termination. (All times are GMT)

If your name is listed below, your account has been deleted and will NOT be reinstated. Do NOT email and ask for reinstatement, once a account is purged it is gone from the database and can not be restored.

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silverwolf2018-09-01 13:15:46inactive over 30 days last login Jun 26th 2018 15:00
jamilaafzal2018-09-01 13:14:33inactive over 30 days last login Jun 30th 2018 12:00
doudoufourmi2018-08-01 13:54:30inactive over 30 days last login Jun 1st 2018 02:00
rich712018-08-01 13:53:14inactive over 30 days last login Jun 1st 2018 22:00
jamilaafzal2018-06-30 15:44:01[Suspended: Jun-30-2018] Following interests chosen: donate my earnings
62 cheat link clicks
mgbland797052018-06-30 15:41:34[Suspended: Jun-23-2018] Last click/login 2018-04-09 Wrote in stating she was unsure if she would keep account after auto suspened for inactivity. I reinstated, but assuming she quit as she never accepted the reinstatement/She did log in on June 12th - but didn't click anything. She does have a lifetime Founder but never sent a message after reinstatement. Purging out at this point of no contact before site turns over to new owner tomorrow 07/01 - since it appears she has no interested in remaining a member as she indicated in support ticket.
ap31242018-06-27 10:05:3306/27/2018 - Cancelled account and transferred balance to Polarbear - her choice on the transfer prior to new owner taking over.
kamala222018-06-24 20:49:23[Suspended: Jun-23-2018] Following interests chosen: search
jeffersonkcm2018-06-24 20:48:11[Suspended: Jun-10-2018] Following interests chosen: search
rumberacvd492018-06-24 20:47:41[Suspended: May-26-2018] Following interests chosen: delete me - i cheat
ahmadajlouni2018-06-24 20:47:14[Suspended: May-22-2018] Following interests chosen: search
sweetpea29832018-06-24 20:46:55[Suspended: Jun-23-2018] Last click/login 2018-05-18
nebyanks2018-06-24 20:46:23[Suspended: Jun-23-2018] Last click/login 2018-05-12
lahamka2018-06-24 20:46:04[Suspended: May-22-2018] Following interests chosen: i don't read english search
willowreed2018-06-24 20:45:45[Suspended: Jun-10-2018] Last click/login 2018-05-03 0
albion2018-06-24 20:45:13[Suspended: Jun-02-2018] Last click/login 2018-04-30
letsmakemoney62018-06-24 20:44:21[Suspended: Jun-10-2018] Last click/login 2018-04-26
sjar2018-06-24 20:41:2504-22-2016 Suspended - Using false information in profile - or using another person Paypal account. Suspended to draw attention to the problem - never made contact after suspension.
blue91422018-06-24 20:40:51[Suspended: May-29-2018] Last click/login 2018-04-23
koko122018-06-24 20:40:33[Suspended: May-16-2018] Last click/login 2018-04-14
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